July 10, 2017

Manage your work at home and EVERYTHING else!

Are you at your wit's end not knowing how you can juggle all the different responsibilities at work and at home? It is part of the work from home life. And I will be honest, this is one of the reasons why working from home isn't for everyone.

Today, I have a pile of clothes in the washer that I've soaked since last night but I am still finding the time to START doing. I have dirty clothes on the floor to compile and put in the wash bin. I have dry clothes to unhang, fold, and arrange in the cabinets. I am currently teaching my kid and helping her with her homework. I haven't swept the floor nor arranged the toys lying on the floor. The house isn't entirely a mess but it isn't neat either. Among all these, I also have to take note of the school tasks for the two kiddos for the coming days.

It's already 5:30pm and I haven't gotten back to checking my inbox to answer emails that are work related. I have to read materials for a project I need to work on and I haven't even started yet. Times like these, my patience gets easily tested. Feeling like a failure or inadequate is common. I sometimes compare myself to other moms.

Recently, we had an unexpected visitor who helped us set up our Pisonet business at home. He said "di niyo to nalilinis no?". Although he probably was just being honest, for me, his statement was like a mockery that I haven't been doing my job as a mom.

I have to be honest that there are times when it gets to me. But thinking about how I can make everything work, I realized I need to start applying these things in my life to become a more efficient work from home mom.

 #1. Communicate clearly with the people I am with.

 My husband noticed my sudden low energy and he told me every time he sees me, it looks as if I am so bored. I told him I wasn't bored. There's actually a number of lists to do in my head that's making me anxious. He offered to help wash the clothes. (Although I still need to muster all my strength to trust and delegate household chores)

 #2. Hire a part-time helper.

 It is hard to find a stay at home helper or nanny these days. But finding a lady washer and/or someone to iron clothes would take a lot of burden off of us.

 #3. Let kids be kids.

Let them be messy. Don't lose your cool when they are noisy and when their toys are everywhere. Teach them at an early age how to clean up after playtime. This is a skill so be patient while being consistent.

#4. Take a break.

Instead of lashing out and crying (specially during PMS days), go on a date without the kids. Utilize your parents to look after your kids (schedule this in advance). A change of environment, even for a short time, is good to recharge our energies.

It is never easy. Finding a balance needs a lot of adjustments. And the adjustments sometimes never ends. We could sometimes lose our cool but when we focus on the bigger goal or the reason why we work hard and choose to work at home, we can sleep and hope that tomorrow will be better.

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