September 12, 2015

Grateful Saturdays


As the week ends, I want to list down 10 things I am grateful that happened this week. If we want to live a positive life, this is something that we can all do. We must keep our eyes open to the blessings that we are receiving from God so we can see how truly blessed we are.

1. Entrepreneurship Ideas

     I have been reading up and writing modules on entrepreneurship. I am grateful that I get to understand these things that I am learning now. It makes me want to become an entrepreneur as well!

2. A lecture about sitting properly

     Sometime this week, my daughter was asked to stay after class so her adviser could talk to her. I asked her why and she cried telling me that her two boy classmates saw her underwear. One of them went to the tell the teacher. We were not really bothered by this because we saw this as an opportunity for us to further stress the importance of sitting properly, most specially when wearing a skirt. I know this incident will be a lesson for her.

3. Rains

     Though some people don't like it when it rains, I totally love it because the temperature changes. I also get to have more creative thoughts when I hear raindrops.

4. Working at Home

     This week, my newsfeed was filled with photos of EDSA traffic. I am grateful that I never have to experience them anymore because I work from home. I remember back then, if you don't want to be hassled in commuting, you buy a car. Now that buying a car has been very cheap for most employees, it is not hassle free anymore to drive one.

5. Home cooked meals

     We do not have a nanny for almost 6 months now. Cooking meals have been challenging for me because I have to squeeze them in during my morning working hours. I am grateful that my aunt gets to cook and deliver food for us during lunch time because it saves me the effort of thinking about what to cook, and the actual process of cooking it.

6. Our Bookshelf

     We recently had a bookshelf made so I can put my books, my daughters' books and my husband's collectible toys!

7. Octoboy Date night!

     When I found out that my husband has free time one night, I asked him to go on a date. We found a spot at Octoboy in a busy Banawe, Quezon City road. The key to a happy marriage is to continuously have dates even if you already have kids.

8. Fish Filler Chinese Style

     I cooked Fish Fillet Chinese Style today. I am an expert in frying but not in cooking. Every time I get to cook a meal, it's like an achievement for me.

9. Saved enough money for my upcoming Trip

     I am grateful that I get to save enough pocket money for my upcoming trip this end of September.

10. Paid my Bills

     Though this is a routine for most of us, the thought that we have money to pay our bills should make us grateful. I am glad I don't owe anyone big money and I am slowly taking charge of my finances.

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