May 8, 2016

How to Make Your Barkada Outing Happen

how to make your

How many times have you tried planning an outing with your friends? We all want to have that summer outing with the barkada but oftentimes, it doesn't materialize. Here are some no-brainer tips on how we make our barkada outings happen.

My friends and I have been friends for almost 2 decades. If you think setting up a barkada outing is hard as a student, imagine how harder it is when all of you are working and when all of you have a family and kids! But friendship has to be nurtured in order for it to continue blossoming. This is why no matter how difficult it is to find time, it should be done.

#1. Use a social media platform where it is easier for everyone to communicate.

Back in the days, we created  Yahoo Groups. We forgot about it and switched to Facebook group. But since some of our friends decided to stay away from FB, the fastest way for us to communicate is through Viber.

#2. Make use of a poll to decide on the DATE

Someone has to initiate. Give different dates and have your friends VOTE. If you belong to a big friendship group like ours, you have to accept that it might be impossible to have every single one join. What's important is that you pick a date where majority of your friends can attend.

#3. Decide on a budget

Ask how much is each one willing to spend. If you have a friend who is financially challenged, see if the rest of the group would agree to a contribution. But if all of you are working, please don't be a pain! Learn how to save money.

#4. Agree on the location

Tagaytay? Batangas? Subic? Boracay? The highest vote wins.

#5 Start researching and reserve the venue.

If your outing requires a plane ride, assign everyone to buy their own ticket. Research on different resorts. Call to ask for rates and availability. Communicate the rates and once everyone has agreed, call to make the reservation. 50% downpayment is usually required. We assigned a point of contact who will either collect the payment or shell out the downpayment for collection later.


Show up and have fun! This is the last step.


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