August 25, 2015

How to behave inside the theater

Since I am fresh from watching a ballet show, I think it is appropriate that I talk about some etiquette inside the live theater.  This is also a good opportunity for parents to start instilling proper behavior when watching theater performances. 

1. Do not be late. Your are not watching in the cinemas. Be at least 30 minutes early for the show because in some shows, the ushers close the door once the the performance starts and you will only be allowed to enter during the intermission. 

2. Turn off or put your phone in silent mode. Any sound coming from your phone may disrupt the concentration of the actors or the performers. Show courtesy as well to the people around you. When you are texting, the light from your phone can be distracting too.  

3. Eat before the show, not during the performance. Just keep in mind that the you are in the theater to watch and be entertained- not to eat. Give yourself enough time to get a meal before the show. 

4. Mind your manners. You can whisper if you want to say something but other than that, wait till the end of the show to share your thoughts. People don't want to hear your opinion during the performance. Creating annoying sounds like "Hmmp," "Ssshhh" or even snarls are disruptive.

5. Try not to fall asleep. If the show is boring, try your best not to sleep because your snoring can be insulting to the performers on stage. 

6. Respect the space and comfort of the people around you. I sat with a lady who put up her feet on the seat in front of her. Yes, there were no people seated but I just can't stress how disrespectful that act was for me. 

7. Dress appropriately. You don't necessarily have to wear a gown but at least dress clean and respectable. 

Following these basic theater etiquette will not only benefit you but it will also benefit the viewers and the performers. It helps to create an environment suited for enjoyment. Anyway, that is the goal why we watch live shows- so we all get entertained!

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