May 21, 2016

WorkFromHomeDiaries: Personal Tips to have a long-term client

Personal Tips to have a long-term client
There are so many professionals out there who want to get a work from home job. But once they have finally been hired by an offshore client, most of them would be terminated in a few months and they would be back hunting a job. As a work from home mom with more than 2 year relationship with the same clients, I would like to share some personal tips on how to ensure that you build strong professional relationship with your client for a long-term job at the comfort of your home. 

1. Have a star worthy attendance

Your attendance is the first thing that will make or break your relationship with your client. We work remotely so we have to give our client the confidence that we can be relied on. It starts with being there every single day when you are expected to work. No ninja moves. 

2. Have a backup plan when electronic communication goes down. 

We are now entering the rainy season. We have to accept that there would be times when the weather would affect your internet connection or your electricity. Be proactive enough to find ways to contact your client and inform him or her that you cannot work because of the issue. Assure your client that you'll continue working once the power or internet connection is back. 

But how do you do that? With a pocket wifi? If not, seriously... you should have a smartphone and data connection which will enable you to at least, send an email, or send a Skype message to your client. This means YOU REALLY MEAN BUSINESS. In case you don't have these, well you better save for them now. This is a MUST- not a good to have for work from home freelancers. 

3. Send an end-of-day report

Clients would have their own task management software where all of the tasks are listed and timed. But besides this, you can be proactive in sending an end of day report to your client via email to outline the things that you have worked on for that day. This is also part of managing your boss. You can write there the tasks that have been accomplished and the help that you would need from your client to finish the other tasks. 

4. Know how to say "halt" when you are drowning

Drowning with work? Having a hard time because you don't know what to do? Your client is not a mind-reader. You need to communicate all the help you need.

5. Be that breath of fresh air

Always be that cheerful voice behind the email or the other line. Everyday, ask your client how he or she is doing. Connect with your client until he or she feels comfortable with you. It is easier to work when the environment is positive. 

Applying these personal tips together with your skills required for the job will help strengthen your professional relationship with your client who will most likely keep you, or who knows... promote you!

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