February 22, 2016

5 Tips for a lasting friendship

So you easily make friends? How long do you get to keep them? Dunbar, based on statistics say we only get to keep 150 significant friends, even if Facebook says we have thousands. Sometimes, there are people who will realize they are alone because they weren't able to keep their friends. Just like in any romantic relationship, we also need to have a few trusted friends to keep.

Here are some tips to be able to have stronger friendships.

5 tips for a lasting friendship

1. Keep in contact

There are some friends that you easily connect to though you haven't seen each other in months, or even years. However, if you are really a true friend, you would try your very best to keep in contact no matter how busy you are. A short text, a short personal chat message to ask them how they are doing is a good start.

2. Initiate a get-together

If you are not good at scheduling get-togethers, then assign it to someone in the group who is good at it. Me and my high school friends started as 14 people in the group. We doubled when we got married and had kids. It's really a challenge to schedule gatherings so we usually give it to the one who is good at it. What is important is that we get to see each other, the least, every Christmas.


3. Share more deeply with a friend

Don't just talk about what's happening at work but talk about what's happening with each other's lives. Me and my CEC friends bonded strongly because we openly talk about life, our relationships, our views about current topics, about law of attraction, about horoscopes, about things that we have interest in.


4. Share the bad and the good times

There should be a balance between the two. What would you feel when you have a friend who only shares problems all the time? Negativity drains everyone. So make sure you celebrate successes and you listen and emphatize when someone is feeling down.

5. Respect each other's views.

We talk about the Presidential candidates, the recent LGBT equality concerns to name a few. Though we got so deep in the discussion, we still respect each other's views about it.

Here is a personal video with me and my friends because we celebrated my friend, Francis' birthday!

I think the most important of all is that you and your circle of friends share the same values. Interest, hobbies and work may change or may be different but I believe that if you do not share the same values, it would be very difficult to keep the group solid.

Friendships are made by God so we can have a support group to turn to (to add to our families) whenever we need them.


  1. Totally agree! Kasi ang friendship, kahit na anong relationship, pinagtatrabahuhan at ineeffortan :) Love you Gem!

    1. Thanks Nenz! Kahit di mo nalagay ang name mo. haha. :)