September 19, 2015

Grateful Saturday


Let me go back to the things that happened this week and be thankful for the blessings!

1. My son said "I'm sorry, mommy."

My son is in his terrific two. My husband and I are trying our best to understand him specially during his whims. A day this week, he went crying for 30 minutes. I had so much work to do that day that I couldn't do because he was having tantrums. I lost it. I am just human. I cried and buried myself to bed while he was still throwing a fit. He noticed and suddenly stopped. A few minutes more, he went to me and said "sorry mommy" in the cutest way possible!

My heart melted. From that day on, communicating with him has gotten a little easier. Now I know that he understands me. 

2. Megan's honor card

When I realized last year that I was so hard with my expectations with Megan, I loosened up. We teach her ourselves every day. This week after school, she went to me and showed us a surprise. She was holding a SECOND HONOR's certificate! How can a parent not be happy and proud about these things? 

I think what made it more memorable is because we did not expect it so we appreciated it more! It was like winning a contest!

3. Meeting HIGH SCHOOL friends at Don Hen!

This week is all about love teams. Because of ALDUB, me and my friends reminisced and went back to our love teams when we were teens! #AlSiang , #Geritz, #Rjem (ipinilit), #Jerigem, JMkaye and so on... And since we rarely get to go out like when we were in high school, our dinner's rule is that we are not to bring our significant other and our kids. Just us- 

We really had a lot of laughs. I am really thankful for the friendships I have with these people. 

4. SWEETNESS by coffee

Again, because ALDUB is making people "kilig" to the bones by making us remember feelings when we were just getting to know each other, my husband gave me my requested Starbucks coffee with the note "Happy Day, I love you Gem." 

5. Chicken Little!

I have watched it in cinema years ago. When my husband downloaded it this week, it has become my kids' favorite. We make it our bonding time.

6. Finally got it right!

A client's satisfaction should always be in mind. I am happy that I finally understood the client's idea and has worked to the level I am being expected to perform. 

7. Chocolate!

Valor swiss chocolate is just love! yum!

8. My period!

Not for anything else- I am happy I got my period this week so I don't have to feel uneasy on vacation travel next week!

9. Family expense contribution

I was able to give my share to my husband this week. We all should share in family expenses if we are working. 

10. Wisdom

I am thankful for the knowledge and wisdom I get from reading entrepreneurial books. 

There you have it. My Top 10 things I am grateful for this week. How about everyone? What are the things you are thankful of? 


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