June 17, 2016

Can a Dad be a Virtual Assistant?

Can a Dad be a VA?

One job that can be done at home is a virtual assistant. If you think that virtual assistants are only for women, you've got it all wrong. Even men can be virtual assistants too! I know a couple of dads who get to take care of their kids while working at home. Isn't that good news?

Gone are the days where a job is exclusive to a specific sex. Being a secretary isn't just for women anymore but also for men. In 2003, Men made 5% of the VA industry and in our country, it is continuously growing. The rule of this age is if you are qualified, why not?

Apart from the administrative tasks, VAs also do technical jobs like updating and fixing a website, creating and designing marketing images, creating videos and a lot more.

So I would like to greet all the "dad" virtual assistants I know a 

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