March 10, 2018

The Sunday Currently #02

This week has been so busy that I wasn't able to accomplish a lot of house chores. The week was spent writing the course I have to finish, dance and singing practices for a friend's 60th surprise birthday, and all about our broken and new refrigerator.

 The weekend was a terrible cheat day for me!


A book on Career Exploration. (Not for pleasure but for work purposes)

Writing the second module of the course I am making. I am sssoooo slow!

"This is Me" by Keala Seatle

about how I can squeeze all my activities in a 24 hour period. Sometimes, we want to do so many things but we can't have time for everything. There are some that we really have to sacrifice to give way to those that matter to us.

Vicks! I have runny nose and it's pretty bad.

To have more quiet time to myself so I can think and write better for the course

to sleep longer tonight!

razor back and shorts- pambahay!

the fact that after waiting for Samsung to order the parts that we need to repair our 5 year old Samsung inverter refrigerator, we decided to go to the mall and buy a new one! I don't know with you guys but I am not convinced that Samsung is good at making refrigerators. Pang celfone nalang kayo!

undivided focus when I am working

some Neozep and Berocca!

happy that our dance and song number were finished! Finally, I can focus on more important tasks. I am also excited for our gym tomorrow! I ate a lot of calories for the past two days and I am guilty!!!!

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