December 28, 2015

My 2015 Year Ender

Year Ender

I couldn't believe it is almost the end of the year again. It is always a good thing to look back at the things that happened so we can be thankful of all the blessings that we have received.

1. High school reunion.

It was a happy experience for me to be a part of the organizing committee of our mini reunion. This was long overdue but hey, it's better than not having one at all. 


2. A hanging garden spa experience with the family in Antipolo

For parents without a house helper, they would understand how challenging it is to go out with a 2 year old around. Though we didn't get to swim that much because we were always watching the kids, seeing them happy is our happiness too!


3. Proposal writing training with PNGOC.

Teaching will always be my first love. I was given the chance to train non-government organizations on how to write effective proposals. It was one happy class!

Proposal Writing

  4. Boracay Post-Summer

For a change, it was not a party for two in Boracay this year but a party with friends. I get to spend another vacation in the ever beautiful Boracay (although it has changed a lot from the paradise it has been when I first saw it in 2004). Thank you to my ESP family for the unforgettable experience.



5. My client visit to Cagayan De Oro

Now this was my first time to officially travel to a place I know no one. However, it turned out to be a unique experience because our partner and the team in CDO were very accommodating. Plus, they know how to have fun! I never felt I was in a province at all! CDO is a place I will surely go back to!



6. Back to Disneyland!

"A whole new world for you and me!" A spur of the moment trip to Hong Kong with my sister lead us back to Disneyland. This place never gets old. You will always  feel young whenever you are in Disney. 
Hong Kong

7. LLDA Training on Root Cause Analysis and Facilitation Workshop

Studying a material for less than 3 days was just out of this world! It brought out the best in me. Before I began the training, I really prayed that I would become an instrument for the participants to learn. I never expected it but God blessed me with great participants who made the two workshops a success.

LLDA- facilitation

8. Get together with other work-from-home peeps.

I finally got to see the faces behind the chats that I get every day. Seeing them gave me a sense of accomplishment that we were able to give these people a job where they can earn but stay with their family at the same time. 

Leadnet Get Together

I never really saw much challenges that I was not prepared by God to handle in 2015. It was a year of extensive work for me but it was balanced with some local and international travels which are the things I really enjoy having.

I am ready for 2016! 

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